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Pontiac Community Picnic Attendees Are In for President Obama!

Pontiac- The community of Pontiac came together on Saturday for a day of celebration and outreach as volunteers registered voters and asked folks to sign I’m In cards. The issue at hand is registering new voters and updating voter registrations for long-time members of the community who have moved since the last time they voted.

i'm in in pontiac

“Gimme that clipboard,” said volunteer Robert G. “There’s a fellow over there who I know has moved. Let’s get him up to date.”

Educating a potential voter is such an important part of what grassroots organizers do for their communities. One attendee, Mary C., was born in 1928 but hadn’t voted in decades because of an old felony for which she had served her time. “I was told I can’t vote,” she said. “I waited in line a long time and when it was my turn they said ‘no’.” It was explained to her that in the state of Michigan, if a person has served their time for a felony, they have the right to vote.

There are many similar opportunities to register voters in Oakland County. Think you’ve got what it takes to get things going in your neighborhood? Contact Melissa Bernardi at 586.764.3344 [email protected] and she’ll connect you with a volunteer leader in your area.

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