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Pledging to Register in Western Michigan

Before students at Western Michigan University enter the frenzy of final exams and pack their bags for summer break – Jim, a Pre-Public Law major from Kalamazoo is making sure that they’re on board to re-register to vote this fall.

“More than likely, students will be moving into a new dorm or house at the beginning of the fall semester. When this happens, we have to make sure they remember to update their voter registration so they can get to the polls in November.”

Jim has been a Democrat for his entire life, but never really got involved until this year.

“I’d always driven by the Kalamazoo Democratic County Headquarters, and looking back on all the President has done – especially pushing student loan reform and ending the war in Iraq – I decided it was time to get to work.”
“I think it's important that I be able to afford my student loan payments in the future. I'll be graduating in the next year and deciding whether or not to go to graduate school - and a lot of that will be determined by whether or not I can afford my student loans.”

Jim will continue to work with other students across Kalamazoo to get hundreds of college students “pledged” to register when they return in September.

“I want to make sure young people are as engaged as they were in 2008. We have to make sure we’re pushing the accomplishments of the President in a way that resonates. That’s what is going to get WMU to the polls.”
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