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"Picnic and Planning": The Nashua Day of Action

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The Nashua team endured the heat to have a great outdoor Grassroots Planning Session we called, “Picnic and Planning Session”. Almost 20 people showed up to get together in the backyard of a supporter’s house. We got some great suggestions from supporters on how they would like to see this campaign built from the ground up here in New Hampshire.

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Everyone was really excited about building our team here in Nashua. People signed up for everything from phone banks to training sessions. Chris C, a volunteer from Nashua, understands the urgency of what we are doing.

"It is never too early to hit the ground running for progress, so that is why I am volunteering now,”

Jack C., another Nashua volunteer, agreed, saying “we are planting seeds now and they will sprout after Labor Day”.

Overall, the Day of Action in Nashua was a success and we can’t wait to see all these potential volunteers at upcoming events! Are you interested in getting involved in your community? Find an event near you here and be sure to follow us on Facebook, and Twitter,

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