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Photos: In the crowd

  • The crowd in Madison
  • Waiting for Barack Obama in Virginia
  • The crowd waiting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden
  • Cheering for Obama in Colorado
  • A boy in the crowd in Ohio
  • Women won't forget sign
  • Bunting and signs
  • Women for Obama in Colordao
  • A full house in Florida
  • Waiting for Barack Obama in Florida
  • Obama cares sticker
  • Waving in Maddison
  • The crowd in New Hampshire
  • Children at a rally
  • Latinos for Obama sign in Colorado
  • Signs and sunglasses for Obama
  • Flag waving in Ohio
  • Ohio for Obama signs
  • A hat with a Biden banner
  • A small boy looks over the bunting
  • VA hearts Joe
  • Joe Biden's signature
  • The crowd in Colorado
  • The crowd in Madison
  • The crowd in Athens, Ohio
  • A small boy holds up a Barack Obama book
  • A full house for Barack Obama in Las Vegas
  • A girl in the crowd listening to Barack Obama in Las Vegas
  • The crowd for Barack Obama in Las Veags
  • Barack Obama in Athens, Ohio

Rain or shine, early or late, thousands of people have come to grassroots events over the past six months to hear President Obama and Vice President Biden. With great signs, supportive t-shirts, and sheer enthusiasm, these are a few of our favorite moments.

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