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Photos: High fives, hugs, and handshakes

  • Barack high fives a boy in a tie dye T-shirt
  • Joe shakes hands with supporters at a diner
  • Michelle hugs a girl at nursery
  • Barack high fives a boy on the rope line
  • Michelle hugs two supporters back stage
  • Barack high fives a group of kids in Florida
  • Joe lifts up a toddler
  • Michelle hugs a small boy in the crowd
  • Barack high fives a boy at the Iowa state fair
  • Joe shakes hands with a supporter
  • Michelle holds a baby
  • Barcak high fives a girl in the crowd
  • Barack and Michelle hug

Barack likes to high-five, Michelle is more of a hugger, and Joe is a fan of the handshake—take a look at a few of our favorite moments from the campaign trail and share them with your friends.

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