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Photo of the Week

Super Vols

It's Homecoming week across the Granite State and, with Homecoming comes Spirit Week. Yesterday was Super Hero Day at Dover High School and two students there, Elizabeth and Courtney, made it an opportunity to help bring new folks onto the President's grassroots team. Dressed as "Super Vols" (campaign speak for the the group of folks who go above and beyond for this movement), these young ladies hit the hallways to show their support for President Obama.

Elizabeth and Courtney both know that this work doesn't slow down for a minute from now until we've re-elected Barack Obama President of the United States. These two don't need a costume to show they're super-ness, but all dressed up they recruited a bunch of their friends to volunteer this weekend. Join our superhero volunteers this weekend at an event near you Note: superhero costumes are not mandatory.

Join us this weekend

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