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Story #28: Kathy, "One phone call can make all the difference in the world."


This past winter, Kathy got a call from Collin, her local field organizer, and decided to volunteer. Now Kathy's the leader of the volunteers in her neighborhood, making what seems to be a super-human number of calls every time she sits down to talk to folks about why she's supporting the President.

“I got the call to volunteer back in February, while I was sitting at home with my husband. We were actually watching yet another negative ad from the Romney campaign when the phone rang.I took that as a sign and jumped at the chance to volunteer at the local office in Salem. It was time to get out there and make a difference myself.”

“President Obama has created a support system for retirees and seniors, from tax cuts to bolstering Medicare. He has created a security net that supports millions of seniors. When I hear Romney talking about voucherizing Medicare, I picture the impact it would have on my community, on my neighbors who rely on this safety net. He isn't thinking of them when he talks about Medicare.”

The Affordable Care Act is helping people on Medicare access the care they need to stay healthy—from free preventive services to lower costs on prescription drugs. If you share the President's commitment to protecting our seniors then commit to vote right now.


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