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Phone Bank Fever: OFA's Concord Office Hosts Two in One Night!

Concord Phone Bank Group - 7-7_SAN0051

Team Manchester made over 400 calls to seniors!

The OFA NH in Concord was abuzz with activity as volunteers turned out for two separate phone banks – a general phone bank for Concord-area supporters and a Senior-to-Senior phone bank for supporters over 50.

Manchester-based Summer Organizer Kathy G. organized the Senior-to-Senior phone bank because she believes that seniors do not always receiving accurate information about the President's accomplishments. She thinks that this phone bank made a difference:

“I am a senior and I care about Social Security and Medicare. I'm concerned – and I think other seniors are concerned - that the next generation of citizens won't have that safety net. “

Monique M., one of the volunteer callers, says she signed up because of all the work that President Obama has already done. “There's no one who can do what he's doing. That fact that he could do what he has done is simply amazing.”

Greg G_SAN0005

Concord Team Member Greg phone banks supporters in his homemade 2012 hat

Greg G., another volunteer, admires President Obama's rooted stance on difficult issues: “He's a fact-based president. He rules from the facts and doesn't follow the political winds. He sincerely tries to do what's best for everyone in the country.”

Charlotte N., is a pharmacist, is volunteering because she wants to help President Obama break through the division that Obama continually deals with. She says that education – in particular health education - is vital to the future of the country. “President Obama is a smart man and I think he can put our kids on the path they need to be on, especially with health education. When you have healthy people, you have a healthy country.”

These are just some of the stories of volunteers who understand the importance of being involved at the grassroots level. Help them in their efforts for 2012 here in New Hampshire by coming to an event in your area - sign up here

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