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The permanent record of organizers who made health care reform happen

In all my years as a designer, I've never had to put 400,000 names anywhere—not permanently anyway.

I've designed benefactor walls for museums, walked over the donor bricks at Wrigley Field, and searched for my name among the 35,000 participants at the Chicago Marathon, but none of that came close to this.

When we set out at OFA to install a permanent record of the people who helped make health care reform a reality, we wanted it to say something powerful.

We wanted it to reflect how much work went into it, and just how many organizers played a part. We want people to look back years from now and remember how historic change can truly happen.

It had to be accessible, something that people could come and enjoy—not some stuffy library or some abstract space with something pretty to look at.

More than anything we wanted people to be able to interact with it, to come find their name.

We love the idea of these organizers being in the history books, so we took that concept literally and we made books—76 of them.

Using an iPad, you can search a name and state and it will tell you in which book and on which page the name is printed.

We unveiled this permanent record on the President's birthday at a big health care reform celebration at OFA headquarters. Volunteers, long-time supporters, and even some of my family showed up to find their names on the wall. (My mom was so excited when she found her name that she took a photo of the screen!)

If you get a chance, come check it out and find your name.

And it's not too late to be part of the fight for health care reform—join Team Obamacare and help spread the word about how millions of Americans are benefiting from the law today.

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