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"People Like You And Me"

We’ve been really excited to see the response so far to the grassroots fundraising campaign we launched earlier today. People across the country are stepping up to take ownership of the campaign—donating for the first, second, even third time and inspiring each other to give.

What’s great to see are the messages that supporters are exchanging with folks who are matching their donations. Everyone has a reason to give:

“[M]y wife is battling cancer. Because of people like you and me pulling together, my wife will never be denied health insurance once she beats this thing. Thank you for supporting progress. Thank you for helping President Obama continue his service to our country.”

—Presentation specialist in California

“Thanks for investing in the President's re-election. It's so important for us ordinary people to own this campaign, and these ideals.”

—Undergraduate coordinator in Missouri

“I don't have a lot of extra income as a graduate student, but I'll forgo pizza night to try and help this movement out.”

—Graduate student in Pennsylvania

There’s still time to take part—make a donation of $25 or more right now and another supporter will match your donation, doubling the impact of your gift. And you can exchange messages with them if you like.

What better way to spend your evening than helping to build for 2012 and meeting other supporters who care just as much as you do about what we’re doing? Match someone's donation now.

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