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People are Happy We’re Calling

Saturday mornings are buzzing and busy at the OFA MD office in Kensington. It's inspiring to hear the cacophony of enthusiastic voices calling supporters to let them know about upcoming events- like the January 14th Food Drive and the January 16th MLK Day Community Volunteer Fair . Shouts begin to ring out: "I got one!" Then the tinkling chime of a ringing bell is heard, as we celebrate the signing up of yet another volunteer to join the campaign. It's noisy, it's challenging, it's energizing.

One of our regular phone bank volunteers, Jessica, talked to me briefly about why she comes to the office practically every Saturday. Phone banking fits her schedule. "I like it because of the flexibility. I can pretty much show up whenever", she said. She finds it a fulfilling way to support the President's re-election campaign. "I think we all need to help get the President re-elected, and I want to do whatever I can. Sometimes, people actually thank you for calling."

Saturday phone bank volunteers at OFA MD in Kensington

Kira S. is new to phone banking. She dialed over 90 numbers on her first day. "I liked it", she said, “it's engaging". Join us next Saturday. Chances are, someone is going to thank you for calling.

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