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Pennsylvania primary: Volunteering in the rain

Pennsylvania primary: Volunteering in the rain

It rained and it poured in Pennsylvania this weekend but volunteers roared into action, reminding everyone to come out and vote for Barack Obama in the Keystone State's primary on Tuesday.

"We had a phenomenal turnout to support our canvassing efforts in the city of Chester,” reports Rita, a local neighborhood team leader. “We are all excited about re-electing this president!"

"It was slushy snowing this weekend, it was cold,” adds Erie volunteer Kate. “But people went out knocking on doors until they couldn't feel their fingers, and nobody complained. It was great to see.”

In Mercer, Judy met some familiar faces on the door step:

"You run into old friends when you are out talking to voters. You realize, oh my goodness, I know this person from my past and they are as fired up as I am about re-electing someone who is going to move our country forward.”

Today, with one day to go until the Pennsylvania primary, volunteers and supporters are out in force at more than a hundred locations across the state, encouraging folks to head to the polls.

After polls close tomorrow our work won’t be done. Next Saturday we'll be right back out again, registering voters and talking to folks. With more than 20 field offices already open in Pennsylvania and new offices opening every week, we are building a grassroots campaign that can make President Obama proud.

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