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Pat: “The Vice President called my phone bank!”

The Vice President and Steve

Pat, a volunteer in Maryland, tells the story of the one call she and her fellow phone-bankers never expected to get:

"A couple weeks ago, my husband, his father, and our youngest son went to a Nationals game. I had to stay behind because I was holding a phone bank at our house.

"My son was getting something from the concession stand when he saw Vice President Biden standing there. My son called my husband, Steve, and said, 'Dad, come down, the Vice President is here!' He came down, and they walked over to say hi to the Vice President and started chatting. My husband said, 'My wife is very involved with the campaign—she's a phone bank coordinator in Rockville.' And the Vice President said, 'Oh, I know Rockville!' My husband went on to say, 'She's holding a phone bank as we speak! It would be great if you could say hello to her.' So the Vice President said, 'Sure!'"

"Before Steve handed over the phone, he said, 'Pat, I want you to say hello to the Vice President.' Then he got on and said, 'Hi, Pat this is Joe Biden.' I said, 'Hi, Mr. Biden, I'm very happy to hear from you!' He thanked me for all our hard work, and said, 'You're doing a great job for us.' I told him, 'That's because we really want you guys to win—we know you need four more years, because you're not done. So I'll do whatever it takes.' He said, 'That's wonderful news to hear, and as my mother would say, God love you! Keep up the good work, and tell everyone you're with that we appreciate it.' I was just so delighted.

Pat's phone bank"Later, when I was telling people about it, I pointed out that only in America could this happen: that you're doing something political and you get a call from the Vice President. It's just unbelievable."

Pat plans to make good on her promise to the Vice President—which means she'll be staying busy between now and Election Day:

"For the next three months, I'm going to keep working as a phone bank coordinator. This week I'm going to the beach—but when I come back, I'll be volunteering every day. We're going to have phone banks at least three times a week.

"To people who haven't gotten involved yet, I would tell them one thing: You should volunteer now—it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The President and Vice President have really been wonderful. This is the President's last campaign, and he needs four more years to finish everything he's done."

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