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Passover with OFA DC

Passover with OFA DC

Young Jewish Professionals for Obama and Young African American Professionals for Obama celebrated Passover with OFA this past Wednesday night. Folks gathered for a Seder to discuss the issue of disenfranchised voters and highlight similarities between like-minded minority groups.

Aaron Jenkins of ‘Operation Understanding’—a group dedicated to bringing people of different races and religions together—spoke on the shared struggles of African and Jewish-Americans.

“We are people with power, and pain, and a purpose,” he said.

Rev. R. Joyce Scott of the ‘Inspired by God Fellowship Ministry’ added, “Too many lives were lost, too many marches led, for us all to slide backwards. We must stay fired up.”

Quincey Gamble of the DNC spoke about the new harsh photo ID requirements, restrictive registration rules, and hindrances on early voting that are being passed in many states. These voter suppression laws keep minorities out of the voting booth.

As the evening concluded, we all raised our glasses in honor of Seder tradition, the struggle for voting rights, and the necessity of four more years for President Obama.

Meet folks like Aaron, Quincey, and the rest of the team working to get the President re-elected—come out to an upcoming event in DC by clicking here!

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