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Party prep

This Sunday we’ll be 100 days out from the election, and what better way to celebrate than with a party?

That’s right. We’re hosting more than 100 parties across the state of New York today, Tuesday, July 24th—Find a party near you and RSVP now.

People will be coming together in their neighborhoods to talk about how important it is to work together to make sure we win in Pennsylvania, and why it’s crucial to get involved right now. We’ll be asking people to sign up for the day of action this weekend, which is 100 days out from Election Day.

These parties are happening thanks to the dedication of many volunteers, none more important than the hosts themselves. Who are these kind people, and what are their goals for today?

Angela is one—she’s the neighborhood team leader in Riverhead, Long Island. Today she’ll be hosting her first house party to bring together supporters from her traditionally more conservative area.

Angela sees the house party as an opportunity to get people interested in volunteering with the campaign. Already, she has organized training sessions, although she’s still looking to get more people involved in phone banking and canvassing trips to Pennsylvania. While she’s expecting 15-20 guests, Angela would love for 22 people, one from each election district, to come to the party.

Angela wants to develop a core team of volunteers and has already found a space to meet on a regular basis. She also hopes that by utilizing local media (such as op-eds and letters to the editors), they will be able contextualize national issues locally and reach out to the community.

Angela supports the President because he’s demonstrated an ability to understand the needs of the American people. She believes strongly in the policies he’s put forth, and, having been a healthcare professional for 26 years, particularly supports President Obama’s healthcare reform. And she’s passionate about getting the country on the right track: “We need to fight back, and we need to make people understand that they need to get up and vote!” Angela says.

Haven’t RSVPd yet? It’s not too late—join a house party near you. http://OFA.BO/2Fq3Lk

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