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Part of the Team: Kamri, New Orleans


My name is Kamri, and I am a high school student in New Orleans, Louisiana. This summer I have decided to take on the wonderful task of becoming a volunteer intern for the 2012 campaign. I began my internship on Monday, July 11, 2011 and became a part of the Louisiana “I’m In” and Building Teams Program.

I was trained on how to make phone calls to supporters of President Barack Obama. I also accomplished my goals of recruiting very supportive volunteers to meet with my supervisor and summer organizer, Ms. Patricia for a 1:1 to discuss opportunities on making a difference in their respective communities.

On my second day volunteering with the campaign, I began entering neighborhood support data into the VAN. Wednesday, my third day of volunteering, was the most interesting day so far. My supervisor, and I went out into a neighborhood in New Orleans and canvassed. We registered people to vote and also had people to fill out “I’m In” cards, stating that they will continue to support President Barack Obama for his election in 2012. I was very happy with our canvassing outcome.

Today will be my last day for this week and I am very proud to say that I have truly enjoyed myself during my first week here. The volunteers, supervisors, and summer organizers here have extended their warmest welcome to me, and have really made me feel a like I’m part of the campaign team here in New Orleans.

I am encouraging anyone and everyone to say “I’m In” with President Barack Obama in 2012!

Make friends and become part of the team today. We’re one click away.

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