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Parents for Obama: Janeth from Nashua

When it came time to announce Parents for Obama today, we immediately thought of Janeth, a volunteer we met in Nashua over the weekend. Well, actually, we met Janeth, and her two sons, Joerel, age 11, and Joshua, age 4 – they all came out to knock on doors and talk to folks about the President's values together.

It's incredibly inspiring to see a parent taking such great care to instill a sense of participatory citizenship in her young children, and we wanted to know why she feels it's so important. Here's what she told us:

“I know it’s important for my son Joerel, to learn that we can all make change together if we work together. He loves to go with me when we knock on doors, inviting other supporters to participate and making sure that they exercise their right to vote. I want him to see that we can make change and make it for the better."

For Janeth, this election isn't just about the next four years, it's about the future her kids are going to grow up in:

“As a mother, and as a student myself, I truly believe that the future success of my children lies in the education they receive. I want them to have the very best start in life, to have the chance at an education that will provide them with the tools to go out and succeed in everything they put their minds to. It scares me to think that we could have a President like Romney that doesn’t share my vision or understand my children's needs. We need someone who supports our children, their education and their future - instead of being a barrier to it.”

If you agree that our children's future is worth defending, join Parents for Obama right now.


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