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Palo Alto Leaders Enjoy Mexican Food and Organizing Strategies

On Sunday May 15th, 19 of California's hard-working Community Organizers and Neighborhood Team Leaders met at Celia’s restaurant in Palo Alto. In this lovely cantina we discussed upcoming events, talk about challenges, and shared best practices while enjoying a rather tasty Mexican comida. NorCal Palo Alto Regional Leaders meeting 5/15

Community Organizer Lisa A, who has been working tirelessly since the early days of health insurance reform and Wall Street reform, introduced us to the communities of CD’s 14 and 15 and the leaders who make things happen in the Bay Area's Southern Peninsula.

We're In! Norcal Regional Leaders meeting Palo Alto

As we once again begin to grow our teams, hold 1:1’s, and put together our Grassroots Planning Sessions we are inspired by Lisa and her teams to keep moving forward into 2012. Don't miss our Grassroots Planning Session on July 21 at Celia's. RSVP here.

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