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Paige: Keep fighting for girls like Madilyn

President Obama in picture frameI just wanted to share this with you:

My 4-year-old daughter Madilyn got a new sparkly, hot pink picture frame. When asked what picture of her friends or family she wanted in there, she adamantly told us (without any prompting) that she wanted a President Obama picture. This is now sitting on her dresser, a prominent place she also picked out.

My point: Madilyn may only now be 4, and the fact that her parents are ardent Obama supporters might play a factor, but I'm voting Obama-Biden so she can continue to have role models deserving of her admiration. Role models who care about her education, her father's student loan payments, her mother's right to equal pay and control over her body, and I could go on and on.

Keep fighting so girls like Madilyn, like Sasha and Malia, can grow up in a world where they are so proud of their leaders that they frame them in pretty pink sparkly picture frames on their dressers. A pretty "proud mama" moment I wanted wanted to share!

—Paige, Florida

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