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Cheeseheads for Obamacare

Football preseason kicked off this weekend, and OFA volunteers in Wisconsin are playing offense for Obamacare.

The enthusiasm of Green Bay Packer Fans is legendary. On Packer Family Night, 63,000 devoted fans filled Lambeau Field to watch the team scrimmage. It was a great time to distribute information about Obamacare to the faithful Cheeseheads.

Thirteen OFA volunteers helped spread the word: seven from Appleton, five from Green Bay and one from Oshkosh. Altogether we handed out about 3,000 flyers, and the people who accepted them were overwhelmingly appreciative of what we were doing.

The idea of distributing flyers at Lambeau came from a Camp OFA in Kaukauna. Every one of us was there because we realize the need for facts—there is just too much confusion caused by misinformation being spread by those looking to undermine the new health care law.

Want to join us and stand up for Obamacare? Join OFA's Truth Team, and help us spread the facts.

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