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Overheard in Virginia Beach

President Obama in Virginia Beach

Tatum: "I am a single mother and a veteran with two kids. My kids are the future, and President Obama is making investments to give our children opportunities to succeed. I really believe that he is for the people.”

Shawn: "My parents paid for my education for the first two years by charging it to their credit card. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship afterwards, and with Pell Grants and federal loans, I was able to finish my education. The President's stance on education resonates with hardworking Virginians putting themselves through school."

Taplan: “Young people are going to be the deciding factor for Virginia in this election—we are out here today and we are ready to vote!”

Nicholas: “LGBTQA rights are civil rights, and a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a step back.”

Charles: “I’m very proud of the President’s work with veterans. As a veteran, I can say that he is sincerely concerned about homeless vets—something we should not even be able to say within one breath. Republicans have shown who they’re concerned about—and it isn’t us.”

Belinda: "We are better off today: our economy and businesses are on the rebound. We still have a long way to go, but we are still better off now versus four years ago. I'm proud of President Obama as a commander-in-chief, I'm proud that my children get to serve under him. I love the diversity of the Democratic Party, they are for the people."

Make sure you're ready to vote, too—check your voter registration status today.

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