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Overheard in Poland, Ohio

The Betting on America bus tour moved on to Poland, Ohio this morning, where the audience welcomed President Obama with a crowd rendition of “Let’s Stay Together.” After the President spoke, supporters shared what they thought of the speech:

“I like what he said about building the economy from the middle out—it resonates with me. I believe in that. I think I have seen change over the last three years—I’ve seen in my husband’s business a turnaround. People are not as demoralized as they were.”
—Margo, social worker

“With the turnaround in the economy in 2011, we started seeing an increase in business, and in 2012 we were able to hire 12 new people. It’s really looking good for the future.”
—Clyde (Margo’s husband), small business owner

“I thought the speech was wonderful—I think he understands America and what direction he needs to go in. We’ve seen him a few times—it really made you feel like he’s thinking the same way we are.”
—Claire, speech language pathologist

“I'm volunteering for the campaign because I believe in President Obama and everything he said. It was so motivating and so surreal to actually be in the same room as him and really see him, and he's so genuine—someone who really genuinely cares for people.”
—Dorothy, designer

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