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Overheard in Maumee, Ohio

President Obama in Maumee, Ohio

President Obama and a strong crowd of supporters braved the heat in Maumee, Ohio this morning to talk about the economic recovery. After hearing from the President, folks stopped to share what they thought:

"We’ve got more great workers than you can shake a stick at, and all they want is a fair shot. That’s what the President was talking about."

"I'm a retired factory worker from Ford, I'm here to support my president and make sure he gets another four years—because that's what we need. He came into a mess and it's going to take more than four years to get us out of it. I've seen change with the jobs and housing—the interest rates have gone down, people are trying to get jobs—it's helping. He's got a lot of support here in Ohio. Betting on America means working on the issues the people need, and he's for the people. That's what it comes down to, helping put people on the right track."

"It was a revitalizing speech. I have three daughters with student loans, and a son who is on our health insurance. President Obama’s policies have had a direct impact on our lives."

"The auto rescue was very important to me. It saved a lot of people's jobs here in Ohio. I want to talk about the future and the way forward, I think that's what he's all about. I'm looking forward to more improvement in the economy."

"I'm a nurse, and when the President talked about health care, he was talking about fixing the problems I see every day."

"I was a volunteer during the 2008 campaign and I'm a proud supporter today. I support the President because he has accomplished so much. The Republican Party has been so obstinate in not allowing him to accomplish everything he's wanted to, but in spite of all the problems he's been handed, he's done a wonderful job."

"It was an inspiring speech—if we don't work together as Americans, we can't move forward."

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