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Overheard in Las Vegas

More than 11,000 people came out this weekend in Las Vegas to listen to President Obama talk about the choice we face in this election—and to sing along to some hits from the Mexican band Maná. Check out some of the sights and sounds from the event.

Sara: “It’s a historic event—we have to come together and fight for President Obama.”

Anthony: “President Obama’s action on the DREAM Act was very important to really change the lives of many students—I believe the President can make great changes with four more years.”

State Sen. Ruben Kihuen: “This election is about you, the people who make America run.”

Chasstiry: “Mitt Romney just doesn't get it. We work hard and we're responsible, and no one is looking for a handout. We just want a president who will fight for all of us.”

Fher, Maná lead singer: “We have the conviction that President Obama is the best president for the Latino community.”

President Obama: “No family should set aside a college acceptance letter because they can't afford it … If you stand with me and work with me, we will remind the world why the United States is the greatest nation on earth.”

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