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Overheard at the Women’s Caucus

Womens caucus

“This is about our mothers and our sisters and our daughters. That's what this is about.”
—Amy Klobuchar

“Our strength is our diversity and our inclusivity, and our voice is our vote.”
—Ashley Judd

“Women have the most to gain by the re-election of President Obama and the most to lose if he does not win.”
—Nancy Pelosi

“In 2008, when I decided to endorse Barack Obama, my son said to me: ‘Anybody who can get Michelle to marry him has something going on.’”
—Kathleen Sebelius

“Here is our job ... you have the power to reach out to one person, to connect the personal to the political. You need to put your walking shoes on and knock on some doors for Barack Obama.”
—Nancy Keenan

“No sleep until November. We're going to be working every minute. We have to elect this president so that he can stand for women’s rights for four more years.”
—Sandra Fluke

“The future of this election is completely up to us. Nobody else is going to do this for us, am I right?”
—Cecile Richards

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