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Our Summer Organizers are Tweeting up a Storm!

This weekend, our 2011 Summer Organizers came together in Tampa for a 2-day training that covered everything from personal stories to entering data.

There was one part of our training that definitely seems to have hit home: our Digital Strategies training. Lots of Summer Organizers signed up for Twitter on the spot and everyone started adding the hashtag #SumOrg11 to their tweets about the weekend!

We are so pumped for our new SOs! We put together a collection of our favorite tweets from Florida’s #SumOrg11, check them out!

@FervidFeminist Getting my game face on for my first day at @OFA_FL in the Tampa office for #SumOrg11 - Time to go win the future. #Obama2012

@LeoCuriel Unexpectedly I got the opportunity that I have been waiting for, now it’s time to work for my future, and succeed! #Obama2012 #SumOrg11

@Angsw8 Had an awesome two days with all the @OFA_FL summer organizers! Can't wait for the rest of the summer! #SumOrg11

@Amy_G08 Every person wants to be a part of something greater than himself. I think I've found mine in #sumorg11

@JeremyBird "I thought it before, but now I really believe it: I really do own a part of this campaign." - Ryan, @OFA_FL #SumOrg11

@profitpeck Summer organizing with new media is powerful @OFA_FL #Obama2012 (@ OFA-FL HQ) [pic]:

@ebbandflow40 It was a honor to meet Jeremy Bird, the National Field Director of Obama for America and the rest of the @OFA_FL

@RyanReply Thank you to the @OFA_FL staff for putting a face to the movement I've come to identify with and love. #SumOrg11 #Obama2012

@moshier85peace Just set up my first one on one! So ecstatic to be a part of team oooobama magic! #sumorg11 I feel confident about 2012!

@OFA_FL “What if we want to invite our friends on Twitter to our events?" Our #sumorg11 team gets it!

@sara_ela Fav Wacky #SumOrg11 team names are from @OFA_FL "O-Positive" or "Ooooobama Magic Is Happening Up In Here" cc: @jgilbert44 @stevenlwalker

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