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Our newest office: Salem, NH

Tonight, we cut the ribbon on our 11th New Hampshire field office, this one off of Main Street in Salem. It was the perfect opportunity to spotlight Valerie, an amazingly dedicated and hardworking neighborhood team leader in the area, who introduced Mayor Setti Warren of Newton, Mass.

In front of a packed room, Valerie put in very clear terms why she's working so hard to re-elect the President:

Never in my life have I seen such diametrically opposed views in a presidential election. There's so much at stake.

When Mayor Warren took the stage, he reiterated her point:

This election matters. It matters to me, to my family, and to my community. It matters to kids who can now stay on their parents health insurance until they're 26. It matters to folks with pre-existing conditions who can now get coverage. It matters to the troops who've come home from Iraq and are coming home from Afghanistan. And it matters to the middle class, who deserve tax cuts, and who shouldn't have to pay a higher tax rate than millionaires and billionaires.

Field Organizer Collin Lever hosted the event and really enjoyed getting the chance to bring people together:

It was an honor to host the Mayor here in Salem. It was also great to host an event to say thank you to everyone who's making all this happen, where we weren’t asking folks to do anything other than enjoy what's come from all their hard work. And when I looked around the room and saw faces that I didn't know, new people coming out for the first time, it just confirmed that what we're doing on the ground is working.

OFA-New Hampshire offices are springing up across the Granite State. You can also find your neighborhood team by joining Dashboard, our online field office, right now.


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