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Organizing tip: Voter registration how-to

We’re building for an unprecedented weekend of action focused on registering everyone we can in states across the country. This is one of your last, best chances to get out there and register voters.

But before you do, jot down these reminders about how to maximize your efforts:

  1. Be polite.
  2. Start with a simple question: “Is your voter registration up to date at your current address?” People may have moved, or changed their names. It’s important to ask everyone if they need to re-register, too.
  3. Make sure you know the laws and rules in your state, and follow them. Campaign staff or volunteer leaders will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
  4. If people seem enthusiastic, ask if they are interested in volunteering (but only after they've completed the voter registration form!).
  5. Use voter registration as an opportunity to educate people about any new voting rules in your state.
  6. Unregistered voters may need some convincing that their vote will matter, so be prepared to talk about why this election is important.
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