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Organizing tip: The “dry run”

Jennifer Higgins

Getting out the vote (GOTV) state by state is how we’ll win this election. We don’t have the luxury of early vote here in Pennsylvania, so we only have 13 hours while polls are open on Election Day to make sure all of our supporters go out and vote.

To make sure we’re ready for the big day, we’re having nationwide “dry runs” this weekend and next. What does that mean? You can think of a dry run like a dress rehearsal for November 6th. We’ll spend the day simulating what we will do on Election Day while talking to key voters across the country.

With hundreds of phone banks and canvasses going on, it’s an essential chance to practice our systems and support our volunteers as they take full control of our voter contact programs. Basically, it’s the time for our volunteer leaders to test and troubleshoot to make sure those 13 hours are perfect.

If you’re volunteering during the dry run this weekend, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone should keep notes and debrief thoroughly with your teams. What worked? What didn't? What do we need to change to be perfect for Election Day?

  • Never forget that dry runs are one of our last chances to build our teams before the real thing on Election Day. Ask every supporter, every volunteer, and every single person you see to join us for GOTV.

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