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Organizing tip: Controlled urgency

Jennifer Higgins

This is it! Election Day will be the culmination of more than a year of work, and every single second can make the difference between winning and losing.

Volunteers coming to our staging locations to knock doors and call voters should feel that right when they walk in the door. Volunteer leaders should exude a feeling of "controlled urgency" at each and every moment between now and Tuesday.

People should be greeted and organized into neat, orderly, and efficient staging locations. They should receive their training, packets, and tips—then head out and be talking to voters no less than 15 minutes after they walked in the door.

We depend on our volunteers to set the tone and make sure our operation is welcoming, efficient, and empowers them to get out as many votes as possible.

Want to be part of the grassroots team that wins the battleground state near you? The time is now—find your get-out-the-vote events for this weekend and Election Day.

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