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Organizing in Ohio: 15 days

Organizers in Ohio

President Obama will be stopping in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, to talk to voters today. Salim Zymet, an organizer based in the Buckeye State, takes a look at some of the issues that matter to people in Ohio and how you can help get out the vote in this election.

Ohioans working to re-elect President Obama have one number on their mind: 15. That’s how many days remain until early voting begins in the state.

We’re making the most of each day, as thousands of volunteers across the state knock on doors, call friends and neighbors, and register voters wherever they can find them.

To make sure folks have a hub for their organizing, we’ve been opening offices across the state, and this Tuesday in Massillon we’re opening our 100th office. Field offices are the home of this campaign in our communities, and the volunteers and staff in each make life long friendships.

We have a “leave no stone unturned” strategy in Ohio, and that means we’re organizing in towns that haven’t had campaign offices, from either party, in decades—opening up the political process to as many people as we can.

When Ohioans start voting on October 2nd, many people will have the economy on their minds. The auto industry supports one in eight jobs here in Ohio—that’s 850,000 jobs that wouldn’t exist if President Obama hadn’t stepped in to save the industry. You can check out some of the stories of auto workers and their families who were helped at

As we head into the last 50 days of the election, we’re asking folks from nearby states to come to Ohio to help organize and get out the vote from October 2nd to Election Day. Our team has a saying we keep close to our hearts: “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

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