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Organizing in Chester County

So what exactly does building the Obama 2012 campaign from the ground up involve? Let me give you a glimpse into some of the work we are doing in Chester County.

Having recently retired from my 36-year career as an attorney, I decided to open this new chapter in my life by becoming a community organizer with the Obama 2012 campaign. I’ve been volunteering for President Obama in Chester County since the 2008 election, but this time around I knew I wanted to do more. As a community organizer, I’ll be leading teams of volunteers in the West Chester-Dowingtown area.


Our first month and a half has already been extremely busy. We are working to reconnect to supporters from 2008 as well as reaching out to new volunteers, many of who saw the excitement from 2008 and want to be part of it in 2012. The response to these calls has been incredibly enthusiastic and emotional!

We first held two initial organizing meetings within a week – one in West Chester and one in Downingtown. We started out initially with just two neighborhood team leaders, but after these first meetings we now have six! These neighborhood team leaders will help organize their own teams within the West Chester-Downingtown area. As the campaign progresses, our goal is to recruit even more neighborhood team leaders so that all the neighborhoods in the area are covered. This will be a slow and gradual process.

In addition to building our team and reaching out to supporters, we’ve also been training the new volunteers we are bring in and refreshing the skills of our veteran volunteers. We’ve held a weekend-long training, several online seminars on how to use our voter database, and even a training on how to write effective letters-to-the-editor.

This summer we’ll be continuing to build our team, while putting together a road map for the campaign in Chester County. If you’re interested in joining the West Chester-Dowingtown team, please join us for a Grassroots Planning Session on June 28.

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