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Organizing for climate action

It’s difficult being a climate denier these days. Ignoring climate change is no longer an option. And rightfully so—the National Climate Assessment is showing how extreme weather due to climate change is causing significant damage to all regions of the country. Just recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report that outlines the effects on a global scale.

This week, OFA volunteers held watch parties for the new documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously" to give folks perspective on the impact climate change is having on individual communities. The personal stories told in this award-winning documentary series further demonstrate the urgency to act on climate.

Check out some of the events:

Volunteers in West Hills, California, engaged in lively dialogue after the screening and shared their experiences with their online networks. They plan to hold events for future episodes as well, with each of the night’s attendees planning to return with at least one additional friend.

Dozens of OFA-New York volunteers gathered for a barbecue on a roof deck in the shadow of the Empire State Building. After watching "Years of Living Dangerously," they talked about future action on climate change by planning to visit Representative Peter King to deliver a copy of the National Climate Assessment Report.

In Portland, Oregon, volunteers gathered to watch the show and talked at length about further steps to act on climate. “People in eastern Oregon around Bend where I grew up care about tourism,” volunteer Lane Poncy said. “Wildfires are bad for tourism.” Folks left the party with plans to write letters to the editor and meet again next week to watch the following episode.

After watching "Years of Living Dangerously" as well as a PBS Newshour segment about the National Climate Assessment, volunteers in San Rafael, California, discussed how to confront deniers and how to continue acting on climate. The room was packed, and they're hoping to add a few new faces during future watch parties.

More than 30 motivated climate activists showed up at two separate "Years of Living Dangerously" watch parties in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are fired up and ready for a phone bank on Monday to get folks in Los Lunas, in climate denier Steve Pearce's district, to come out and present him with National Climate Assessment Report.

Volunteers with OFA-Ohio's Greene County Team held their watch party at the home of team lead, Lynn Buffington, and her husband, Donald Nguyen. After watching the episode and going over the National Climate Assessment report, the team agreed to plan more #OFAction with events this summer.

See more tweets and photos from the events in the slideshow below:

These are great examples of the many actions that volunteers nationwide are taking. If we’re going to address the problem, though, deniers in Congress must accept the reality of climate change. They need to hear from you. Take action today.

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