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Organizing fellows: Putting together a day of action in Wisconsin

Our Obama organizing fellows are hard at work building neighborhood and campus teams across the country. As the spring fellowship continues, we’ll hear from a few of the organizers about their experiences.

You can’t miss our field office on a day of action. Even bright and early on a Saturday morning, the Obama office on Madison’s south side was abuzz with volunteers and neighborhood team members.

As an organizing fellow with the campaign, I help community leaders both plan and execute days of action, and this particular Saturday was no exception. At 9:00 a.m., we began assembling lists of voters to contact, preparing clipboards to send out with volunteers, and training volunteers how to talk to constituents at the door. At 10:00 a.m., canvassers were ready to fan out across the south side of the city to educate community members about the importance of being prepared to vote in the upcoming elections. As volunteers poured out of the office to begin knocking on doors, I made sure that incoming canvassers were armed with the proper information to educate voters.

Here in Wisconsin, a day of action is more than supporters rallying to get out the vote in this election, and it is more than an opportunity to recruit volunteers. A day of action is a vital opportunity for our supporters to make the face-to-face contact we need to make sure that all eligible voters are properly prepared to cast their ballots this year.

In the coming weeks, volunteers will continue to engage voters and supporters, on the phones, on the streets, and at offices across the state. At a recent speech in New Hampshire, Vice President Joe Biden said to volunteers: “Organizing this time is more important than the last time.” He’s absolutely right.

Stay tuned for more from Becca and other organizing fellows this spring.

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