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Energized by the President's Visit, AZ is Ready to Organize This Weekend

OFA Arizona has been really energized by President Obama’s visit to Chandler. The President came to town to talk to Arizonans about his commitment to manufacturing – a commitment to strong, sustainable jobs. He expanded on many of the themes from his State of the Union address.

We’ve been working hard to spread President Obama’s message across Arizona since April 2011;we’ve held hundreds of phone banks and voter registration drives, trainings and team meetings.

OFA Arizona trained a new crop of Organizing Fellows two weeks ago – a diverse group of folks from across the state dedicated to organizing their communities and making lasting change. Many of our new organizers had the opportunity to shake the President’s hand on the rope-line in Chandler. They really enjoyed telling President Obama that they were organizing on his behalf!

The next day, after the excitement, they were right back at work preparing for our statewide Day of Action tomorrow. Check out these pictures of our Fellows and volunteers preparing for the Day of Action, then sign up to volunteer here. The work in Arizona starts now.

P.S. Interested in becoming an Organizing Fellow yourself? We are taking applications through February 1st, apply here.

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