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Organizing fellows: All hands on deck

As an organizing fellow, I’ve been reaching out to neighborhood teams to see how they stay motivated and focused throughout the long campaign season.

This past week, I got to meet one of the Twin Cities’ most creative and energetic teams: the “Hands of Obama” team in northeast Minneapolis. They’ve got hand pins, hand-shaped food, handmade awards—and they even perform “the hand jive” after each weekly meeting.

The most prominent line in their team motto, says their co-team leader, is to “use the gifts of team members.” Each individual has something unique to bring to the table, and even though someone might not fit into the traditional role of a team member, they are equally as valuable. Take one of the team members, for example: Due to physical restrictions she is not able attend the weekly meetings, but she always provides a tasty treat for the group to enjoy.

Some might say it’s a little too much, but the truth is, this team has created a sense of belonging and a fun environment around which they can organize their community for Obama.

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