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Organizing Around The President's Birthday

Last week, volunteers in Delaware took part in 14 house meetings statewide to celebrate President Obama’s 50th Birthday. Delores M held a house meeting in Bear with 19 people coming together to watch the President's address via the Internet. The positive energy led to Dolores asking people to create their own teams and to work together in canvassing their local neighborhoods. She focused on how important the grass roots aspect is in making each and every voter realize how important his or her vote is.

In Wilmington, Louvenia V. hosted 17 people at her house meeting. After watching the President, many decided to attend a local festival with her to collect “I’m In” cards and to register voters. In Kent County both attendees and hosts enjoyed using the Question and Answer box on the webpage to track the successes of other house meetings across the state. The Rose Hill community center in New Castle brought out 20 volunteers to watch the speech and their children made birthday cards for the President.

The Delaware Democratic Party's meeting brought out over 50 Delawareans including Senator Chris Coons to the event at Headquarters in New Castle. Over pizza and cake, attendees made 50 phone calls each for President’s 50th Birthday. All who attended agreed how necessary it is to re-elect the President so that he can continue to move America forward. The event also served as the last main event for the Summer Organizers, who worked with volunteer leaders over the past nine weeks to grow the local grassroots effort.

Missed out on attending a house meeting in your neighborhood? You can get plugged in to what is happening across the state by finding an event here.

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