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Organizing alumni in D.C. are in

More than 100 organizing alumni gathered in Washington, D.C., Tuesday night to continue the fight to pass President Obama's legislative agenda.

There were several breakout sessions with a few key takeaways. Organizing alumni are excited about partnering with other organizations for local days of service, as well as keeping the alumni family together with regular social outings.

Members were fired up about supporting OFA state chapters in any way they can, sharing their time and their skills to help plan events, organize phone banks, and train volunteers on the skills that they themselves have developed over the past years.

The night also included a planning session for a D.C. Founder's Day Conference to celebrate the founding members of OFA. Organizing alumni are working to find venues, plan the conference and host the trainings.

This weekend many states will be holding Founder's Day Conferences of their own. It was exciting to see how D.C. organizing alumni are bringing the OFA family together in their own unique ways. Thanks to Allison Zelman, D.C. alumnus and former Obama Campaign Field Director for Pennsylvania, for putting together this great event.

We've worked too hard for President Obama's agenda not to see it through, and it's clear that this group is ready to keep fighting.

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Sarah Hummell