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Organizers of All Kind Engage in Competition in Oakland County to Ask People to be IN for Obama 2012

Pontiac- Building a grassroots foundation for Obama 2012 happening all across Michigan by organizers of all different types. Some, like our Summer Organizers, are helping to build the campaign brick by brick while learning the tools of the trade. Others, like our Community Organizers, have been working in their community to build neighborhood teams and empower their neighbors for some time.

OC Smackdown 1

Last evening the new class of Summer Organizers in Oakland and Macomb counties came together with several long-time Community Organizers to reach out across Oakland County and ask people to be IN for Obama 2012. To make it fun, these organizers added the element of competition. Dubbed “Smack Down Call Time”, the veteran Community Organizers challenged the new Summer Organizers. The challenge? To see who could reach out to the most community members and to get the most people to agree to sit down with us 1:1 to give input on how we can build our campaign in Oakland County.

OC Smackdown 2

Said veteran CO Drew P., “I want to show these kids how it’s done.” The “kids” responded in kind by reaching out to more community members than they ever have in one day. “This was great,” said Summer Organizer Steve B. as he was wrapping up. “I’ve never made so many calls in one sitting before. And I even scheduled 3 1:1s! Can we do this every week?”

Walter E., an amazing Community Organizer who has taken a leave of absence while adjusting to his new job, was thrilled to be back in the mix, talking to his neighbors. He shared his personal reason for supporting President Obama with the folks he called. “Because of our President and his tireless efforts for jobs recovery, I am now fully employed after being out of work for a year and a half.”

Pizza was consumed, old friends joined with new ones, and most importantly, scores of potential volunteers were called and invited to join our grassroots campaign. Competition is fun, but it would be much more fun if YOU joined us! Interested? Your opportunity is just a click away. Click here to find events near you or contact Melissa Bernardi at [email protected] if you live in Oakland County and want to join our organizers, old and new.

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