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Organizer-in-Chief: Team OC Summer Organizers Take Notes from President Obama

Pontiac — Our 2011 Summer Organizer program is in its first week and is going strong! After a weekend-long training, summer organizers in Oakland County have been working together, learning more tools of the organizing trade, and starting to reach out to members of the community.


Today included their first national Summer Organizer conference call. This call gave the Summer Organizers insight into our campaign nationally and to build community among summer organizers from across the country. The Summer Organizers didn't know, but a special guest jumped on the call—President Barack Obama.

“Hello, everyone,” he began. As he spoke of the importance of grassroots organizing, Rhian C. said, “That’s him, that’s really him!”

The President took a few questions from SOs around the country, from how to be an effective organizer to what to say about the Affordable Care Act. President Obama was a community organizer on the south side of Chicago. The work we do is based in no small part on the President’s experiences doing the same thing.

“He gets it,” said Autumn J. as the President spoke about the challenges of being a community organizer. “He’s done what we are doing.”

The conference call concluded, and after a few more minutes of catching their breath and emailing friends about who they were just on the phone with, the OC Summer Organizers turned back to their phone banking with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

Want to join in on the fun? Want to work with the next generation of organizer? Click here to find events near you!

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