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Bike The Vote

This weekend, Portlanders Biked the Vote with their Congressman in Southeast Portland. In spite of the rain, they enthusiastically followed Congressman Earl Blumenauer to the ballot drop box to vote early. Steve M. said, “I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

As the cycling voters hit the corner of 11th and Morrison for the final stretch to the ballot box, they were greeted by cheering volunteers. Twenty-two-year-old Ali F. and other volunteers rooted the cycling voters on with Vote Today signs. Ali said, “As a young American I know this election will dramatically impact my future. President Obama has a vision for our county in which we are all in it together, everybody pays their fair share and everyone gets a fair shake. Even though I am not part of the LGBT community, I started volunteering when the President voiced support for marriage equality because that showed me that he is standing up for all Americans. When I got my ballot I couldn’t wait to vote. I had already cast my ballot before Bike the Vote, so I came out to cheer on others who are voting early for President Obama."

Have you voted yet? If not, find your dropbox here and vote today! Then, come out and join us to mobilize others--find an event near you!

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