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Open doors in Kerrytown

On Tuesday, field organizers, organizing fellows, neighborhood team leaders and new volunteers gathered for a celebration of the opening of our new Ann Arbor field office in Kerrytown. This will be home base for all the important work we'll be doing in downtown Ann Arbor and at the University of Michigan.

Four University of Michigan students stepped up to be fall organizing fellows on campus this fall, helping supporters get signed up for canvass shifts at the office opening event. They shared why they're rallying other Wolverines around the re-election of President Obama.

"My sister was denied coverage by eight different insurance companies before the Affordable Care Act. It’s very important that President Obama is re-elected so he can continue fighting for the high quality of life that all Americans deserve. I'll do whatever I can to make that happen." - Jake
"To think that anyone my age would be denied the opportunity to pursue a college education because of a price tag is unacceptable. The President has been in our shoes as a student himself - and because of that, he knows how important access to a quality, affordable education is. That's how our country will continue moving forward." - Laura
"President Obama's accomplishments have demonstrated that he truly believes in helping society as a whole, not just himself or a select few. That's why I'm in." - Henry
"President Obama believes that everyone should be able to marry whom they love and not be discriminated against for their sexual orientation in the military. That's a big deal." - Nick


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