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“It was kind of like online shopping”

When I was growing up, my mother cut coupons like there was no tomorrow. I would make fun of her for it constantly, especially when we hauled little stacks of paper with us to the grocery store, or had them peeking up out of our purses at the department store.

Now, of course, I’m the exact same way. But I’ve updated my tricks since those days cutting out paper coupons with my mom—with online shopping, of course.

I think that’s why I took a look at Like a lot of people my age, I wasn’t really concerned with getting insurance. Even though I know it’s important, I’m pretty healthy. I don’t get sick a lot, and when I do it’s nothing a little hot water and rest can’t cure. I’ve been working part-time while finishing up law school, and only a few of my employers have offered affordable plan options. So I’ve been uninsured for the past year or so.

But—like any good couponer—finances are always a driving factor in my decision-making. I’m already paying back a lot of loans from law school, and I definitely don’t want to be facing mountains of debt if I do get sick or have an accident—that would be like the Himalayas of debt.

I was planning to take a look at in October, but you know how things can keep getting pushed aside. I finally logged on a few weeks ago—and, not to sound cliché, but it’s a lot like online shopping. Which I loved.

Signing up took about 45 minutes. I’m a pretty organized person and I had all that I needed right in front of me. If you don’t do that, it could take longer. But what I was beyond stoked about was the price: $35 a month! That’s like the cost of my internet. That’s something I can handle.

A lot of people are getting misinformation, and they are missing out on some serious deals. I, for one, am pumped.

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