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One Year Out

OYO Event

On Sunday, OFA and Democratic supporters across North Dakota gathered in libraries, offices and student unions to recognize we are less than a year from Election Day. There were 87 attendees in five locations statewide. Attendees heard from two North Dakota legislators regarding the upcoming special session and OFA State Director Tim Edland about the importance of organizing to victory on November 6, 2012. After the statewide video conference, each location made their own plan to develop teams and reach out to potential volunteers in their community.

We have less than 365 days to Election Day 2012, and we can't wait any longer to organize to re-elect the President. Attendees at these meetings agreed we can't wait to take action. If you do too, join us for team phone banks this week on Thursday at 5:30 and Sunday at 3:30 in our offices at 720 Main Ave Ste. 203. Be sure to RSVP for these events today!

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