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One year of Obama 2012: In case you missed it

A year ago today, a small team of HQ staffers were tired but excited after weeks of preparation for the launch of the campaign. Twelve months on, this organization has grown exponentially. It’s been a busy year, and here are just a few of our favorite moments that may have slipped under the radar.

In August, a group of six hard-working, talented summer organizers sat down with President Obama to talk campaigns and community organizing over burgers and fries. Take a look.

By October, more than 1 million supporters had pitched in to help grow this campaign. From first names to home states, we took a look at what we all had in common, in addition to supporting President Obama. unveiled a new look in November, with new tools to organize in your community. Two masterminds behind the redesign—Josh Higgins and Dan Ryan—took a few minutes to talk about responsive design and presidential campaigns.

For the three-year anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration in January, staff from 2008 looked back on their memories of the day, from the early-morning start to the moment the President took the oath of office.

And earlier this year, over a meal with Dinner with Barack winners, President Obama said a few words that have quickly become one of our favorite quotes here at HQ.

Snapshot—March 22nd, 2012

What are your favorite moments from the past year? Let us know.

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