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One year after Hurricane Sandy

OFA marked the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy by doing what we do best: organizing people across the country. The October 29th Day of Action focused on recognizing the effects of climate change have in contributing to natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, and garnering support to avoid future disasters.

We know that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real, and that humans are the driver of that change. We also know that increasingly temperatures lead will lead to more frequent and more severe extreme weather events to come.

“What inspired me to act was my deep concern about climate change,” said Jim Nelson of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. “I think it’s a real crisis that we can’t ignore anymore. We all need to take whatever peaceful action we can to raise people’s awareness of this.”

Congressman Jared Huffman wrote a letter to the OFA Marin Chapter, where he said, "Thank you for acknowledging the connection between extreme weather events and climate change, and the critical need to address climate change now."

The message from supporters was loud and clear: This is real. Climate change is happening; it's time for climate deniers to stop denying the science, it's time to act.

You can get involved to act on climate, here's how.

Act now
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