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There's one fewer climate change denier in Congress

Ninety-seven percent of scientists—including NASA, NOAA, and major scientific organizations around the world—have spoken out about the reality of man-made climate change. Just a few weeks ago, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which represents the gold standard of climate science, issued its latest summary for world leaders, which showed that climate change is not only real, but it’s already taking place and will impact us all.

At the same time, we're seeing a shift in the way climate change deniers in Congress talk about it—and today, we've got a breakthrough: Congressman Michael Grimm (NY-11) is standing up for an honest and reality-based discussion on what to do about climate change.

Congressman Grimm represents the one of the congressional districts that was hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. Communities on Staten Island have been forever changed, and some of his constituents lost their lives. On the new documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously," Congressman Grimm set out to understand more about the science of climate change. In the episode that debuts Sunday night, he says clearly:

"The vast majority of scientists say it's conclusive. So I don't think the jury is out. ... I mean there’s no question that, you know, the oceans have risen, right? And the climate change part is a real part of it."

That is absolutely right, and we appreciate and thank Congressman Grimm for standing up and publicly embracing climate change science.

When OFA supporters began calling out climate change deniers last year, we came to it with a simple proposition: We can’t get to a solution until we are honest about the problem. Today Congressman Grimm is doing just that.

But there are still too many members of Congress who are comfortable denying the science of climate change. Check out OFA's updated list of climate change deniers, and tell them that they should join with Grimm, the scientific community, and all those that are threatened by a changing climate to accept the science of climate change today.

See the list of climate change deniers
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