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One day, six Ohio cities

Day 01_0607_POTUS_Parma_03

"Middle class is also an attitude. It's not just about income, it's about knowing what's important, and not measuring your success just based on your bank account ... It's about your values, and being responsible, and looking after each other, and giving back."

—President Obama speaking in Parma, Ohio

The President's schedule for the first day of his Betting on America bus tour took him from the lawn of a Maumee museum to a park in Parma—with stops in between to get to know voters across Ohio.

"I've lived in Toledo for 69 years, I retired from Ford motor company that was in Maumee, Ohio, after 35 years," said Tommy, who was part of the enthusiastic audience that cheered the President on throughout his first event of the day. "I'm backing Obama all the way. Ohio is one of the key states that he's gotta win, so that's a biggie. I think that's why he's here, and I think we can do it."

After Maumee, the President made a quick stop for lunch at Kozy Corners, a diner in Oak Harbor, followed by an ice cream social in Sandusky.


Speaking to a few hundred supporters seated on picnic tables in Washington Park, the President talked about his belief in the middle class and acknowledged the crowd's dedication in braving the heat.

"It's the chance of a lifetime to be maybe 20 or 30 feet from the President," said one excited volunteer. "This is an opportunity that's so special to us."

The next stop on the tour was a farm market in Catawba Island Township. After some quick grocery shopping for the weekend, the President visited a happy hour in Amherst—arriving in Parma just as the sun was starting to set.


"This is the right time for a rally," he told the audience, "Things have cooled off a bit."

Keep checking back for more updates from the road as the President continues his trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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