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“One Call At A Time” — William P. of Detroit is Already Reaching for Obama 2012

As the campaign here in Michigan continues its “I’m In,” we continue to engage new people ready to join us. We are doing this through conversations about our role in seeing President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket elected. These conversations are laying the foundation for a movement.

Meet William Plumpe

William P. is proof positive that these conversations are empowering new leaders. After receiving a call from an organizer in his area, William agreed to sit down with a grassroots leader one on one to find out more. After hearing about the importance of the program, and the different avenues he could get involved, William made a firm commitment and is working to help get our President re-elected one phone call at a time.

William is a proud alumni of the University of Michigan, native Detroiter and grassroots activist who has called countless neighbors concerning many issues and Democrats in the past. When asked how he is able to be so fluid on the phones he pointed back to his many days of working on many campaigns. “I’ve had lots of practice”, he says with a big smile. Metro Detroit is proud to welcome William, another proud Wolverine to our team! Go Blue!

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