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On the Ground in Nevada

Miguel CA2NV

Last weekend, Miguel was one of the many California volunteers who headed to Nevada to recruit new supporters, and to help register voters. Miguel supports President Obama not only because of the difference the President has made in his life, but in the lives of all Americans. By traveling to Nevada, Miguel is having a huge impact in this election.

Going out to register voters gives me an experience of renewal that I never expected, and can't fully explain. Part of it comes from just knowing that I'm doing something for my country, and for the future. Part of it comes from the smiles I see on the faces of seniors, students and minorities, as they thank me for the work I'm doing. It seems to really touch them that someone like me would be working so hard for President Obama. Of course, As someone who will soon benefit from Social Security and Medicare, I'm doing it as much for my future, as for theirs. President Obama is the candidate that is most in touch with the challenges in our lives. Volunteering for this grassroots campaign makes me feel like I'm building bridges to other people, other lifestyles, and other communities.

Join Miguel, and travel with us to Nevada.

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